Dates will be posted as they are released. All dates are preliminary. Please remember to check the promoter’s website for all race details. * or if the header says “2017” Indicates that the dates are confirmed for 2017.

GBRA/Georgia Schedule
*Mar. 3-5 Tour of the Southern Highlands
*March 18-19 Union City Mayor’s Race
*Mar. 25-26 GA Tech Cycling Collegiate and USAC
*April 2 Blue Goose RR
April 5 Nestor Cup, Savannah
*April 15 Middle Georgia Time Trial
April 16 Nestor Cup, Savannah
April 19 Nestor Cup, Savannah
*April 22-23 USAC Masters Regional Championships, Atlanta
*April 29 Athens Twilight
*April 30 Historic Roswell Criterium
*May 5-6 DLV Pro Series “The Keirin”
*May 13 State Championship RR Oakey Mountain, Belton Bridge Classic, Lula, GA
*May 22 GA State TT Championships, Gainesville
*May 24 Middle Georgia Time Trial
June 9 Nestor Cup, Savannah
*June 10-11 Healthy Newton Omnium
*June 16-17 DLV State Track Championships
June 21 Nestor Cup, Savannah
*June 24 Middle Georgia Time Trial
July 7 Nestor Cup, Savannah
*July 7-8 DLV The Omnium
*July 8-9 GA Games
July 20-24 Georgia Cycling Gran Prix
July 26 Nestor Cup, Savannah
*Aug. 5-6 Rumble at Roebling
*Aug. 19 Grant Park Crit. GA State Crit Championships
*Aug. 20 PAALS Criterium-GA State Crit Championships
*Sept. 1-2 DLV Velodrome Cup
*Sept. 4 Collegiate Cup
Aug. 28 Spot On TT, Cumming
Sept. 24 Six Gap Crit

ACA (Alabama)
*Jan. 21 Sumatanga RR #1
Feb. 6 Alabama Wheelmen Union Grove TT
*Feb. 18 Sumatanga RR #2
*Feb. 25-26 Auburn RR & Opelika Crit
*March 11 Restoration Training Race
*March 25-26 Sumatanga RR & TT #3
*April 8 Alabama Cycling Classic presents Sunny King Criterium
*April 9 Alabama Cycling Classic Presents Fort McClellan RR
*April 9 Columbiana RR
*April 22 Sumatanga RR #4
*May 6 Tour De Bay Crit
*May 27 Sumatanga RR #5
*June 24 Sumatanga RR #6
*July 29 Sumatanga RR #7
*Aug. 5 Alabama State TT Championship
*Aug. 19-20 Alabama State RR Championships
Aug. 21 Alabama Wheelmen Grand Prix
*Sept. 2 Sumatanga RR #8

Carolinas Cycling Association
*Jan. 28 Triangle Velo Winter Speedway Series
*Feb. 4 Triangle Velo Winter Speedway Series
*Feb. 11-12 Greenville Spring Series
*Feb. 18-19 Greenville Spring Series
*Feb. 18-19 Wolfpack Classic
*Feb. 25 UNC Road Race Open & Collegiate
*Feb. 26 Bull City Grand Prix
*Feb. 26 Hendersonville Historic 7th Ave. Crit
*Feb. 25-26 Greenville Spring Series
*March 4-5 Upstate Cycling Classic
*March 28 Dixie Classic Crit
*April 2 MAC Racing Series at the GoPro Motorplex
*April 4 Dixie Classic Crit
*April 5 Ring of Fire Crit Series
*April 11Herbalife Crit Series
*April 12 Ring of Fire
*April 8-9 Foothills Cup
*April 18 Dixie Classic Crit
*April 19 OCS Speedway Series
*April 19 Ring of Fire
*April 22 Rock Hill Crit
*April 23 MAC Racing Series at the GoPro Motorplex
*April 23 Belmont Crit
*April 25 Herbalife Crit Series
*April 26 Ring of Fire
*April 26 Downtown Walterboro Criterium (Speed Week)
*April 28 Downtown Spartanburg Criterium (Speed Week)
*April 30 MAC Racing Series at the GoPro Motorplex
*May 2 Dixie Classic Crit
*May 3 Ring of Fire
*May 3 OCS Speedway Series
*May 6 Falls Lake RR
*May 9 Herbalife Crit Series
*May 11 JG Racing Crit Series
*May 10 Ring of Fire
*May 13 Dilworth Criterium
*May 14 MAC Racing Series at the GoPro Motorplex
*May 16 Dixie Classic Crit
*May 17 OCS Speedway Series
*May 17 Ring of Fire
*May 20-21 Park Circle Crits -N. Charleston
*May 23 Herbalife Crit Series
*May 24 JG Racing Crit Series
*May 24 Ring of Fire
*May 27 Winston Salem Classic Crit
*May 28 MAC Racing Series at the GoPro Motorplex
*May 29 Winston Salem Classic RR UCI
*May 30 Dixie Classic Crit
*May 31 Ring of Fire
May 31 OCS Speedway Series
*June 6 Herbalife Crit Series
*June 7 JG Racing Crit Series
*June 11 MAC Racing Series at the GoPro Motorplex
June 11-12 CCA Road Race Weekend
*June 13 Dixie Classic Crit
*June 14 OCS Speedway Series
June 18 CCA Time Trial Championship
*June 20 Herbalife Crit Series
*June 24 JG Racing Crit Series
June 25 Double Down Challenge Circuit Race
*June 27 Dixie Classic Crit
*June 27-July 1 Masters National Track Championships, Giordana Velodrome, Rock Hill, SC
June 29 JG Racing Crit Series
*June 28 OCS Speedway Series
*July 5 JG Racing Crit Series
July 6 Ring of Fire
*July 11 Dixie Classic Crit
*July 18 Herbalife Crit Series
*July 19 JG Racing Crit Series
*July 22 Hanes Park Crit
July 23-24 USA Masters Games Omnium
*July 25 Dixie Classic Crit
July 30 Hendersonville Crit
*Aug. 1 Herbalife Crit Series
*Aug. 2 JG Racing Crit Series
*Aug. 3-6 Crossroads Cycling Classic
Aug. 9 Herbalife Crit
*Aug. 16 JG Racing Crit Series
Aug. 16 Herbalife Crit
Aug. 28 Carolina Cup
Sept 3-4Celebrate Anderson Classic
Sept. 5 Anderson CX

2017 TBRA Races
Feb. 4 Taco Mama TT
April 1 Hell of the South
April 1-2 Milligan College Cycling Classic
April 2 Cedar Hill Crit
April 5 Tiger Lane Crit
April 12 Bells Bend TT
April 19 Tiger Lane Crit
April 22 Aaron Shafer Memorial RR & TT
May 3 Music City Crit
May 6 Max Gander Memorial Crit
May 10 Bell’s Bend TT
May 13 Three River Rumble, Harriman, TN
May 17 Music City Crit
May 24 Music City Crit
June 7 Music City Crit
June 3-4 Johnson City Omnium
June 10 Shake N Bake TT/TN State Championship
June 14 Bell’s Bend TT
June 17-18 Rockabilly Gran Prix
June 21 Music City Crit
June 28 Music City Crit
July 12 Bell’s Bend TT
July 15 Rockabilly Revolution Women’s Race
July 26 Music City Crit
July 22-24 Oak Ridge Velo Classic
July 27 Music City Crit
July 29 Ezpinazo Del Diablo
Aug. 2 Music City Crit
Aug. 5 Battle of Nashville Crit
Aug. 9 Bells Bend TT
Aug. 12-13 Alabama Wheelman Grand Prix
Aug. 16 Music City Crit
Aug. 23 Music City Crit
Aug. 25-27 River Gorge Omnium

2017 Lungbuster TT Series
April 27 Lungbuster TT Series
May 28 Lungbuster TT Series
June 29 Lungbuster TT Series
July 27 Lungbuster TT Series
Aug. 10 Lungbuster TT Series
Aug. 24 Lungbuster TT Series
Sept. 16 Lungbuster TT Series

2017 Charlotte Area TT
April 12 CMS Time Trial Series
April 12 Rock Hill TT Series
April 26 Rock Hill TT Series
May 10 CMS Time Trial Series
May 10 Rock Hill TT Series
May 24 Rock Hill TT Series
June 7 Rock Hill TT Series
June 21 CMS Time Trial Series
June 28 Rock Hill TT Series
July 12 CMS Time Trial Series
July 12 Rock Hill TT Series
July 26 Rock Hill TT Series
Aug. 9 Rock Hill TT Series
Aug. 16 CMS Time Trial Series
Aug. 23 Rock Hill TT Series
Sept. 6 Rock Hill TT Series
Sept. 12 CMS Time Trial Series

2016 Greenville Spinners TT Series
May 12 Greenville Spinners TT
June 9 Greenville Spinners TT
July 28 Greenville Spinners TT
Aug. 18 Greenville Spinners TT

2017 MAC Racing Series
April 2 MAC Racing Series
April 23 MAC Racing Series
April 30 MAC Racing Series
May 14 MAC Racing Series
May 28 MAC Racing Series
June 11 MAC Racing Series