• Sandy Springs Pro Women
  • Sandy Springs Cat. 2/3 Men
  • Sandy Springs Pro Men
  • DLV Keirin
  • 2014 Roswell Crit Masters
  • 2014 Taylor Phinney US Pro TT Champion
  • 2014 US Pro Women RR
  • 2015 US Pro RR Men

Promoters: if you would like your event listed, please contact us. We list road, cyclocross, mtb, and track/velodrome events. For Charity Rides/Centuries: Andy’s Century List.

Jan. 19 6/3 Hour Green Gobbler, #Jan. 12 Finch Park STXC, Jan. 13 Outspokin Dirty 55, Jan. 13 TORC Winter TT Briar Chapel, Jan. 19 Adventure Cross NCCX, Jan. 19 Black Squirrel XC Coldwater, Jan. 20 Charlotte Winter STXC, Jan. 20 TORC Winter TT Crabtree, Jan. 26 Icycle Night DH and Daytime XC, Jan. 27 Charlotte Winter STXC, Jan. 27 Browns Nature Park XC, Jan. 27 Sumatanga RR, Jan. 27 TORC Winter TT, Feb. 2 Gettin Squirrelly Rampage, Feb. 3 Charlotte Winter STXC, Feb. 3 Montgomery Bell MTB TT, Feb. 3 TORC Winter TT Forest Ridge

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1-16-2019 January Work Party – Blankets Creek From SORBA Woodstock Blanket’s Creek Work Party, Sat., Jan. 19, 9 am-1 pm We have made good progress on removing the water on the Hop but need some help installing the drainage and finish work. Please hit ‘going’ so we can get a count for lunch. Thank you in advance.

1-15-2019 Tony Serrano Century From the Promoter: We are back for the sixteenth annual Tony Serrano Century. Come join us in honoring Tony’s memory and supporting cycling safety. Enjoy riding routes of 10, 39, 62 or 100 miles through the rural countryside of Walton, Morgan and Oconee counties. Our rest stops feature the famous fare of the Rest Stop Queen with lots of fresh and unique treats. The course is well marked and there are radio dispatched SAG vehicles on course. Your entry fee includes a ride T shirt and lunch after the ride (working on something new for lunch!)

WBL 19 January (Saturday or Sunday): # 9: The Parks Law Bowman Classic
Where: The Hub / Independent Baking Company (5 Points / Athens)
Time: 10 AM (window open)
Length: 90 miles / 4.5 hours
Points: 5 pts. (1 per hour)
Interactive map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29180037

1-14-2019 Allatoona CLOSED From SORBA West Georgia Please spread the word that Allatoona Creek trails are not open until after 10am daily until February 1st … no exceptions. Claiming ignorance is no excuse especially when it’s so blatantly posted for all to see. It’s really a legal and safety issue. Lost Mountain can provide a lap or two for you until Allatoona opens for the day.

1-11-2019 Sorella Named USAC Women’s Club of the Year Atlanta based Sorella Cycling has been named USA Cycling’s Women’s Club of the Year. Sorella also won this honor in 2008. I am so proud to race for this amazing team and with this group of diverse women! “Fierce competitors of Sorella Cycling also draw new riders with friendly faces. After all, everyone deserves the opportunity to discover if racing is for them. Their members focus on welcoming all levels of cyclists, across all disciplines, with the aid of mentors programs and organized clinics. As a result, they have a burgeoning club that supports everyone from kids and occasional commuters to international racers. In addition to meaning “sister” in Italian, Sorella is now associated with good sportsmanship and community involvement throughout the southeast.”

1-10-2019 Pisgah Stage Race Press Release Brevard, NC – January 7, 2019 – 5 days, 140 miles and 20,000 feet of elevation gain. The 11th Annual Pisgah Stage Race, hosted in Pisgah National Forest April 8-13, 2019, is revered as the best and highest quality stage race in the world with consistent, gnarly singletrack on the docket every day. Pisgah has earned a growing reputation for having some of the best trails in the country featuring rhododendron tunnels, picturesque creek crossings, incredible leaf colors, and rooty, rocky singletrack. Get a sneak peek here.

Blue Ridge Adventures (BRA) is well-known for putting together premier endurance events including road rides, stage races and mountain biking races, and BRA rolls out the red carpet for the internationally attended Pisgah Stage Race. The week’s events include 5 days of racing, a recovery zone with snacks and recovery drinks at the race finish, Leaders’ Awards Ceremony and happy hour each evening with adult beverages, farm-to-table catered dinner six nights, continental breakfast and a closing ceremony celebration party. BRA even offers new on-site housing at the Brevard Music Center and full-on travel packages from the Asheville Airport for those interested in an all-inclusive epic mountain bike week. As a leader in the trail building world,Todd Branham’s creation of the Pisgah Stage Race course is always a thing of beauty. This year’s race features three new courses that travel through 76% singletrack, 19% dirt and only 5% asphalt riding. The course includes the East’s most rugged trails, including a daily enduro section, two of which will be new in 2019.

1-8-2019 TN Women’s BAR Series! Tennessee Women’s Cycling Project is thrilled to share that the Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association created a women’s masters BAR series!

What does that mean? Women, who are 40+, can now choose to race in masters road races, TTs, and crits! Masters women will now have a “red jersey” competition! Women’s masters races will now count toward team competition points! And best of all, we get to race against our age-group peers! For the P/1/2/3 ladies, this is a chance to race less distance in road races and less time in crits. Hopefully, this will allow more women to continue racing into their 40s, when we might not be able to train for the longer distances for a variety of reasons. Not necessarily slower races, but shorter! Hopefully this will also bring some women back to the sport who had left, especially those who left to compete in other sports that offer age-group divisions. Last year’s Empower Her series was a lot of fun, and we very much thank the promoters, who gave women’s masters racing a shot! You are the reason we now have a BAR series!! Three River Rumble, Oak Ridge Velo Classic, Cedar Hill Criterium, High Roller Crit, Cookeville Criterium, and Rockabilly Gran Prix Jackson TN, Promoters will have the option to provide a women’s masters race at their events, so be sure to check flyers at tbra.org.

Charleston Park Closed From RAMBO: Unfortunately Charleston Park is going to have to stay closed for a while. The bridges are under water and in one case… Well completely gone. We are working with Forsyth County to get things back open but we have to fix the one bridge and wait for the lake levels to go down. We also do not have a full understanding of how many down tree there are.

1-7-2019 *moved to Sunday!* Winter Bike League Winter Bike League 12 January (Saturday): The Ken Bike Law Mayhem in Madison Classic / 4.5 hours / 90 miles (Pro Sprint)
Where: The Hub / Independent Baking Company (5 Points / Athens)
Time: 10 AM (window open)
Length: 90 miles / 4.5 hours
Points: 5 pts. (1 per hour)
Interactive map

1-2-2019 Calendars are Updated The mountain/gravel and road racing calendars are updated with everything I have. I’m waiting on word from the Carolinas Cycling Association. I don’t have anything for CCA or the Hincapie Spring Series yet. I expect those announcements towards the end of January. TBRA and GBRA are updated for all of the road racing info. I have. I expect this to change by the beginning of Feb. Spin the District in GA appears it will retain its Sept. dates and not move to the spring. I’ll circle back to the calendars in a week or two with any updates. They are always a work in progress.

1-1-2019 WBL News Headline News: Tuesday’s Jan 1 Ladies Day Classic is rescheduled to Sunday, Jan. 6.

5 January (Saturday): The Classic City Bakery Rayle Rialto Classic / 4.5 hours / 90 miles (Pro Sprint)
Where: The Hub / Independent Baking Company (5 Points / Athens)
Time: 10 AM (window open)
Length: 90 miles / 4.5 hours
Points: 5 pts. (1 per hour)
Interactive map

MTB Work Party Note Sometimes mtb trail work parties are scheduled a month or more in advance as they are on the same day of the month for a specific trail. Details about what is done may not be decided until that week. I recommend posting in the Facebook invite I link to and ask if you have questions about the work parties (ie are kids welcome, do I have to stay the whole time, will be be hiking or riding in, is lunch provided afterwards, etc). This is applicable to any event I post. Please contact the organizer with specific questions. I’m posting them here in case anyone is interested in attending, but I do not host or organize the events.

Sope Creek Work Party From MTB Atlanta Sope Creek Work Party Sat., Jan. 19, 9 an-Noon. Join us for our monthly Work Party at Sope Creek and give back to the trails that you love to ride. We meet at the Columns Drive parking lot at 9 AM at the gate by the Fitness loop. Wear long pants, closed toed shoes, bring gloves, water, snacks.

Cochran Mill Work Party From MTB Atlanta Cochran Mill Work Party Sat., Jan. 12, 9 am-Noon Join us for our monthly work party at Cochran Mill Park. Meet at the main parking lot at 9 AM. Please wear long pants, closed toed shoes, bring a helmet, gloves, water, snacks. We will see you there!

Clinton Winter Volunteer Day From SORBA West Georgia Clinton Winter Volunteer Day, Sat., Jan. 19, 8 am-Noon Clinton Nature Preserve, 8720 Ephesus Church Road, Villa Rica, Georgia 30180 A few minutes, a few hours, what ever you can spare. Come out and join us for some winter clean up on the trails we all love. We will be working on poor draining areas, trimming any over growth, and other small projects. More information will be posted as we get closer to the date.

12-31-2018 Joey’s National TT Championship Velonews has a feature on Joey Rosskopf’s National Time Trial Championship and what went into winning it. Can Joey make it 3 in a row in 2019?

Inside Joey Rosskopf’s stars-and-stripes defense

Southside Mega Build Workday From MTB Atlanta MEGA BUILD Workday-Southside Park, Sat., Jan. 5 11 am-5 pm, 3460 Jonesboro Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30354-2806, It takes a community to build trails! Ring in the New Year right building a new trail at Southside Park! Help us out this Saturday, Jan. 5th from 11-5 doing finishing work on the new 3 mile Intermediate Trail at Southside. Wear long pants, closed toed shoes, weather appropriate clothing, bring gloves, water, and snacks. *Meet up at 11 and stay as long as you want.*

12-30-2018 Bookwalter Binge Feature Velonews has a great feature on the Bookwalter Binge This ride is on my bucket list! If you like the Hincapie Gran Fondo (also a great event) or similar rides, the Binge needs to go on your list for 2019! The feature tells how they pull off the ride year after year. Hint: A ride of this magnitude is not easy to organize!

Bookwalter journal: Origins of the Bookwalter Binge

12-28-2018 Carolina USAC Officials Clinic Contact Stephen Johnson at stephenjohnson01 at bellsouth.net or call 704.650.1225.
-Clinics will start at 9:00 AM on both days, and will run no later than 5:00 PM, including the exam.
-No motorcycle is required for the Motoref clinic. Both clinics are fully conducted in the classroom.
-There will be a break for lunch.
-Clinics are sponsored by the Carolinas Cycling Association and the National Cycling Center in Winston Salem, NC. There is no cost to you for the
-Carolinas Cycling Association has clinics on Saturday, January 12, 2019 for new officials
-Sunday, January 13, 2019 for new motorefs (pre-requisite for motorefs is completion of new officials clinic or already licensed Cat C Road Official)

12-27-2018 Winter Bike League Two rides this week! See details:

29 December (Saturday): Cappy’s Custom Cabinets Mount Vernon Debacle / 4 hours / 80 miles (Non Pro Sprint) / 6 deep
(*Non pro sprint: You are eligible to sprint if you are: (1) a Cat 3, 4, 5 or (2) you are 18 or younger or 40 or older regardless of category.)
Where: The Hub / Independent Baking Company (5 Points / Athens)
Time: 10 (window open)
Length: 80 miles / 4 hours
Points: 4 pts. (1 per hour)
Interactive map

1 January (Tuesday): The Reeves and Young Ladies Day Colberto Classic / 3 hours (Ladies Only Sprint) / 6 deep $$$ // Pts: 10-8-6-4-2-1)
Where: The Hub / Independent Baking Company (5 Points / Athens)
Time: 10 (window open)
Length: 60 miles / 3 hours
Points: 3 pts. (1 per hour)
Interactive map