November 2014 News

12-1-2014 Holiday Week Yep, it’s been a holiday week. Things are slow….

Winter Bike League 2014 HOME OPENER / 6 Dec:  The Hub Good Hope Misadventure, Time: 10 a.m.* (window open),  Length: 75 miles / 4 hours,  When: Saturday, 6 December, Where: The Hub (5 Points, Exit Route: South on Milledge  > Simonton Road,  Pee Break: @ Mile 19 / Mile 19, Store Stop: Good Hope / Mile 38, Intermezzo Sprints: None, Interactive Map Parking: Parking is available on streets and in lots near the Hub (see list below), but there is no WBL parking in front of the Hub. It will simply be a matter of learning the new parking locations to make this a smooth transition. Make sure to lock up and don’t leave valuables in your car. Local riders, as always, ride your bikes to the start.

Brittnay Mixon (Sorella Cycling) practices her downhilling skills at a recent mountain bike clinic.

Atlanta WBL  Atlanta WBL DATE:  Saturday, December 6th, 2014, START TIME:  9:30AM   (Ride Mtg 9:20am), PLACE:  300 Peters St, Atlanta, GA 30317 (U-Haul location)  (Map Link)
RIDE TIME:  2 hrs, INDOOR BATHROOMS:  U-Haul graciously allows us access to their bathrooms, so please leave cleaner than you found them; we don’t want to wear out our welcome.  Indoor (warm) bathrooms are a huge plus!!!
LAST MINUTE RIDE INFO:  You can easily get ALL updated ride info in 2 ways:
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IMPORTANT:  Which group do you ride in?  All Groups are based on what your typical overall average speed is on any given ride in Atlanta:
~  Group #1:  17 mph avg and higher, ~  Group #2:  14 mph avg and higher, ~  Group #3:  13 mph avg and below
RIDE TIMES vs DISTANCE, All Rides will be based on Ride Time…NOT distance.  Actual miles ridden for each group will vary.

11-25-2014 Georgia Cross Series Finale 2014 GACX SERIES SEASON FINALE, DINGO CROSS. This year’s GACX SERIES wraps up with the season finale, December 6th & 7th. Dingo Cross, hosted by Dingo Race Productions and p/b Hayes Dealership of Baldwin and Wrenched Bicycles of Gainesville. The USA Cycling sanctioned, double-header weekend features a challenging, technical course that is fast, flowing and fun for all levels; GACX season finale raffle, full of prizes everyone will love; Carlos Jimenez, of A FOCUS ON LIGHT Photography, on course both days taking amazing photographs; an amazing food truck for your nutritional requirements; and on Saturday, Robinson Executive Helicopter will be available** for an exciting helicopter experience throughout the day.
Bring a cowbell and a bike, and come out to Baldwin cheer, race, or both on Saturday and Sunday for the GACX Series Finale Weekend.
Pre-Register online: **Helicopter Experience starting at $45/pp

2015 Calendar The 2015 calendar is a work in progress. What races I have so far are posted. I haven’t received any updates on Road calendars and usually do not until late Dec. My TBRA and GBRA contacts send them to me as soon as they are available. I pull the CCA (Carolinas) races from the website when they are published. Mountain Bike races trickle in throughout the year, especially for summer short series races. I’ll update them as I get them. Individual discipline pages won’t be updated until I get the majority of the 2015 info, so probably in Jan.

Lights Rides Everyone loves Christmas Lights Rides! Free Flite will host their Light the Night on Sunday, Dec. 14th at 6:00 pm. The ride is about 25 miles at 14-15 mph. There is usually a stop and photo op at the Marietta Square. Hot beverages and snacks will be provided by Free- lite Bicycles at the end of the ride to all attendees. The ride is free, but please bring a good donation for MUST Ministries. MUST is Cobb County’s main food pantry. Atlanta Cycling will host a Lights Ride on Wed., Dec. 10 at 6:30 pm from the Vinings store. The ride will be just over an hour through Buckhead at a slow pace. (Trish’s note: It’s usually 14-15 mph).  Dinner following with riders and non-riders at 8:00. The ride will have full sag support.  Please consider donating a toy for the Children’s Village. AC-V’s own Rev. Dr. Barry McCarty’s church is involved with the Children’s Village. If you donate a toy, you will receive a coupon for a store discount. Trish’s note:  Both rides are a lot of fun! Southeastern Cycling is hoping to be at both. Please consider making a donation at each ride. There are many of us who are lucky enough to be able to share with those that are not as fortunate as we are.

11-23-2014 Serenbe CX Photos Photos from the Serenbe Cyclocross race are up (finish uploading Monday morning) at There are photos from the first 3 races. Photo conditions were challenging. Riding conditions were even moreso with plenty of hard rain and mud. The Peachtree Bikes crowd put on a fun race!

Michael Schmid (Reality Bikes) took a mud bath during his Elite Masters 45+ winning ride.

Tim Barrett (Toyota Forklifts) splashes through the mud on his way to winning the Elite Masters 35+.

11-22-2014 Sunny King Crit & Cheaha Challenge According to the Anniston Star Newspaper: “Two big cycling events that have drawn thousands of riders and spectators to Calhoun County on the same spring weekend for years will take separate paths in 2015. Those events, the Cheaha Challenge and the Sunny King Criterium, have been held together on an April weekend for the past four years. In 2015, the criterium and the associated Noble Street Festival will be held in Anniston on the last weekend in March, and the challenge will begin and end in Jacksonville on the third weekend in May.” Read the full article at the Anniston Star.

Alpha Roubaix Fall Classic From Alpha Bikes: “Ride gravel?  On my road bike.  What?  No way!” Oh yes way! Be there Friday November 28. Wheels down at 11a. Think old school. It’ll be just like in grand dad’s day.  Before all this asphalt, your gramps rode a lot of dirt miles thank you very much … uphill both ways! We’re planning a 29-mile route, with about 12 miles of well-groomed gravel roads in Alpharetta and Milton.  Riding your road bike on dirt is really not difficult.  Just run your tires to about 85 psi and take tight turns a little slower than you would on asphalt.  We’ll be there to coach you through it.  We’ll even have a few “challenges” for those who are game. So join us on Friday for a casual ride through horse country.  Taste a little dirt.  Add to your riding repertoire.  Trish’s Note: I did the spring ride. In good weather, most of the gravel is hard pack and road bike friendly. Cross bikes are welcome as well.

Underwear Ride Press Release Cumming, GA (November 11, 2014) – Local cyclists and business in Cumming are teaming up to help bring socks and underwear to the homeless student population of Forsyth County. Last year over 720 students in Forsyth County Schools were identified as homeless. These students often struggle for basic necessities, including undergarments. Local business owners, cyclists and teachers are looking to change that with their Fourth Annual Underwear Ride on Sunday, December 14.
“Since August 1st, we’ve identified over 350 students living in homeless situations in Forsyth County Schools and we expect that number to be over 700 by May,” said Jamie Rife, Homeless Education Liaison for Forsyth County Schools. She added, “While there are several wonderful organizations that provide resources for these students and their families, sometimes providing them with basic needs such as underwear and socks proves difficult.”

This non-competitive ride, whose entry fee is an unopened pair of children’s socks or underwear, is a community-wide event benefiting the Homeless Education Program in Forsyth County Schools. Kicking off at Dutch Monkey located at 3075 Ronald Reagan Blvd in Cumming, GA 30041, cyclists will have the option of riding either a 25 or 50 mile loop throughout Forsyth and Cherokee Counties.
The meet and greet begins at 8:30 with the ride beginning at 9:00. Todd Muller, owner of Reality Bikes and main sponsor of the event, expects hundreds of cyclists to come out in support of the cause. Jamie Rife, Homeless Education Liaison, and Arpana and Martin Burge, owners of Dutch Monkey Doughnuts, will be in attendance as well. Members of Reality Bikes’ Masters Cycling Team will be on hand to help organize and support the ride. Homelessness among students in public schools is on the rise. During the 2012-13 school year, 1,258,182 students were identified as homeless nationwide. This is an 8 percent increase over the previous year according to data released by the U.S. Department of Education.

11-21-2014 Woodstock Car Break-Ins From SORBA-Woodstock: There has “been some break-ins to cars at both Blankets Creek and Rope Mill in recent weeks. Cherokee Sheriffs and Woodstock Police indicate that all have been “smash-and-grab” efforts and have advised us not to leave any valuable items in plain sight in our cars. Apparently this type of activity normally increases this time of year in all parking lots and we should pay special attention to unusual or suspicious activity around our cars.” Trish’s Note: NEVER leave valuables in your car. If you have to, hide them well.

11-20-2014 Savannah Wheelmen Winter Training Series From SW:  Join the Savannah Wheelmen for our Winter Training Series.  The USA Cycling Beginning Racer Program is a series of 5 clinics which will review and strengthen the four pillars of racing and group riding: Pack Skills, Cornering, Pack Awareness, Sprinting, and then in the 5th clinic bringing it all together.
Save The Dates:
Saturday, January 24th – Pack Skills
Sunday, January 25th – Cornering
Sunday, February 1st – Pack Awareness
Saturday, February 7th – Sprinting
Sunday, February 8th – Bringing it all together
Each clinic has three components, on-bike – instruction, a mentored race, and a debrief (of the clinic and race). Registration will open closer to the event dates.
Q. Do I have to sign up for all of them or can I pick and choose?
A. You are welcome to take as many or a few of the clinics as you wish, of course we recommend taking them all to get the maximum benefit.
Q. Do I need to have any racing experience?
A. No, this program is designed to teach you about racing, make you feel more comfortable in a racing environment and build on any skills you already have.
Q. What if I am not a beginner?
A. This program will still strengthen your race fundamentals and fine tune your already established skills.

11-19-2014 SORBA Chattanooga 2015 Races Press Release: Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”. That’s a fancy way of saying that change is coming to the SORBA Chattanooga Race Series schedule for 2015. While change is good, there is no reason to make a change when there is no need. So while our schedule may look different for 2015, there is a reason and purpose behind all of the changes. We think will make a positive impact to the Race Series moving forward. Our new schedule is below:
Pick Your Poison XC – March 15th, 2015
Soul Sucker 50k & 25k at Raccoon Mountain – April 11th, 2015
Raccoon Mountain Super-D – May 23rd, 2015
Nightshift (6 Hours of TNT) – July 25th, 2015
Lula Lake Land Trust 5-Points 50 – October 10th, 2015

Those with a sharp eye will notice that we’ve split Raccoon into two weekends. One reason for that is given the success of the Super-D, we felt it deserved its own weekend. Additionally, the Raccoon Mountain Super-D is now part of the Southern Super-D Series. We think this will bring in more participants and increase the quality of what is already a great event.  Due to this, the Raccoon Mountain Super-D will return to USA Cycling sanctioning for 2015. The other major change is Nightshift and Soul Sucker swapping dates. By moving Soul Sucker to April 11th, it will remove the hot, humid weather from the equation while also allowing people a tune up for Big Frog 65/Cohutta 100 a few weeks later. Being a night race, the hot weather will not affect Nightshift as it will be much cooler during the night when the race is actually going on. I know what you’re thinking now, “When can I register for all this epic racing???”. Registration will open for all races on December 1st, 2014 via Keep an eye out here and on Facebook for updates all year. We’ve currently got some big things in the works that we’re super psyched about. For more information, please visit r

Cochran Mill Park Closed From the Cochran Mill Trail Group: “Cochran Mill Park will be closed beginning Wed., 11/19 until further notice. The anticipated date of reopening will be Wed., 12/3. This closure is so that the parking lot can be expanded to allow for better parking for horse trailers. Please call City Hall at 770-463-8881 after Thanksgiving to see if there is word on a completion date of the project. Thank you for your patience as we work to make this great park even better.” Trish’s note: The trails are open to mountain bikers, too. They are frequented by gravel riders looking for some singletrack in the middle of the Serenbe gravel grinder.

11-18-2014 GATR Night Rides GATR will be hosting several night rides this winter. The start time is 6:30 pm. 11/20 – Yellow River, 12/3 – Harbins, 12/11 – Yellow River, 12/18 – Tribble Mill

Atlanta WBL Atlanta WBL DATE:  Saturday, November 22nd, 2014
START TIME:  9:30AM   (Ride Mtg 9:20am)
PLACE:  300 Peters St, Atlanta, GA 30317 (U-Haul location)  (Map Link)
RIDE TIME:  1hr 40min

IMPORTANT:  Which group do you ride in?  All Groups are based on what your typical overall average speed is on any given ride in Atlanta:
~  Group #1:  17 mph avg and higher
~  Group #2:  14 mph avg and higher
~  Group #3:  13 mph avg and below

RIDE TIMES vs DISTANCE All Rides will be based on Ride Time…NOT distance.  Actual miles ridden for each group will vary. The Atlanta Winter Bike League kicks into gear (pun intended) in only 5 more days.   If you were not one of the 150+ cyclists who experienced this very unique Series last year, then you need to come find out what attracted so many cyclists in its inaugural year. The first ride for this year is set for Saturday, November 22nd and then there will be rides every other Saturday through March 2015 (see Schedule below).  This way, you can participate in the Series and still ride in other group rides, club rides, etc…best of both worlds.   We have 3 groups, so we can accommodate just about any cyclist.  All rides are based on time, so everyone leaves together and gets back at the same time. I’S FREE–Unlike our 1st year, this season the Series is free.  The only time there ‘may’ be a fee is if we provide a SAG vehicle…which would only be the last 3 rides, since they are 4hr+ rides.

RIDING SERIES RULES  Please read the following guidelines very carefully.  This Winter Series is a very structured, organized ride and is specifically designed to ride as a group.  Habitual offenders and those unwilling to accept respectful correction are welcome to participate in other group rides.  All cyclists (even you faster guys/gals) are welcome; you just need to adhere to the following Rules:

1.  NO Sprinting:  If you feel the need to sprint, please find another ride.  We all know that it only takes one person to blow off the front, for the entire peleton to be split apart.
2.  Steady Pace:  Our Ride Leaders are responsible for setting the pace.  When Ride Leaders rotate off the front, the same pace (at which they were riding) is expected to be maintained with the ‘new’ leaders at the front.  Deliberate, sudden or abrupt jumps in speed are not allowed.
3.  Double Pace line:  The peleton is limited (at all times) to ride only 2-abreast, or more commonly called a double pace line.  GA law limits cyclists (without an event permit) to ride 2-abreast.  Only during rotations, will this be an exception.
4.  Traffic Lights:  Running traffic lights will not be tolerated.  If part of your group is caught with the light turning red as you are approaching, you need to stop.  You will have a chance to re-join your group.
5.  Stop Signs:  Running stops signs will not be tolerated.  We will stop as a group and roll through as a group.
6.  Rotating:  No one is allowed to pull longer than 10 minutes at a time.  This allows for everyone to rotate throughout the ride.
7.  Mechanical Needs:  If you have any type of mechanical, first signal that you are slowing down and make your way out of the road.  All cyclists are responsible for any repairs (e.g. punctures, etc.) needed, however, other cyclists may offer their help.  The peleton WILL stop and wait.  Once the mechanical has been resolved, the entire group will start together.
8.  Lack of Skill or Comfort:  Professional coaching will be provided as a courtesy by ‘Coach Robert’ to anyone who may have a low confidence or skill level of riding in an organized, double pace line and/or being able to ride in a consistent, straight line, drafting, etc.
9.  Tri Bikes:  ALL cyclists are welcome, including those with tri bikes.  Riding in the aero bars is only permitted when you are pulling at the front; all other times you must ride with your hands on the brakes.

11-17-2014 Boundary Waters Park Photos Boundary Waters Park photos are up at!

Shannon Greenhill (Peachtree Bikes) mixes it up in Single Speed at Boundary Waters CX.

General Reminder Please always remember to lock your vehicle when you are riding your bike! Hide your valuables or take them with you. Items were stolen out of a car at Sunday’s Georgia Cross race at Boundary Waters Park. If you cat is broken into, report it to the police. You may need the police report to file a claim with your insurance company, and police track break ins.

11-14-2014 Charlotte Sports Cycling Trailer Stolen From Neal Boyd: “If you’ve been to one of our events over the past 10 years or so, you’ve seen the infamous black trailer. Last night, the black trailer and all of the equipment inside sprouted legs and walked off. While you’re driving or riding around the Queen City over the next couple days, keep your eyes peeled for a 16′ x 7′ all black Hercules Homesteader enclosed trailer with a ladder rack on top. Its got tons of tape marks on the side from years of taping results to the trailer. If you happen to see it, call 911 and report it. You can also drop me a message via Facebook or shoot me an email at” If you are in Charlotte, NC or the vicinity, please keep an eye out for the stolen trailer! CSC puts on dozens of events a year in NC.

Charleston Park Work Party SORBA RAMBO will host a work party on Saturday from 9-1 at Charleston Park. Reality Bikes will be providing lunch. There will be an opportunity to ride the trails after the work party.

11-13-2014 It’s been a slow news week…..

MARTA Bike Service Stations It looks like MARTA will be installing Bike Repair Stations at some train stations.

11-10-2014 Patriot’s Park CX The Augusta Cross Coalition put on a great race at Patriot’s Park in Evans, GA this weekend! Photos are up at

Brittnay Hopson (Sorella Cycling) on her way to winning the CX4 Women at Patriot’s Park.

Tim Barretty (Toyota Forklifts) outsprinted Chris Wyatt (Peachtree Bikes) for the Elite Masters 35+ win at Patriot’s Park.

11-9-2014 I ain’t no size 2….. It’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size 2, but I can jump it, jump it like I’m supposed to do. I got that remount that all the boys like, all the right skills in all the right places…..It’s all about that cross, bout that cross, no road. It’s all about that cross, bout that cross, no road!

11-7-2014 Roll into the Holidays Ride From the Southern Bicycle League: Stone Mountain, GA, Roll into to the Holiday Spirit with a ride starting at Stone Mountain Village. Experience a great time before the hustle and bustle of the season takes over. Bring an unwrapped toy to help the less fortunate girls and boys in the metro area this year. Southern Bicycle League Members, with early registration and dressing as your favorite holiday character, will get a discount to the event. Turkey, Pilgrim, Elf, Santa, Mrs. Clause, Reindeer or even the GRINCHwill get a discount.

Once again Santa will lead us out for the start of the Season Ride. Discounts are available for this ride. SBL members use your membership number and discount code when you register. Go to for more information. Affiliate Clubs and Teams contact the ride director for your discount code for multiple participants., Metric Century / 30 Mile / 18 Mile Routes, Remember to bring a unwrapped toy for the girls and boys this holiday season. Entry is $45.

11-6-2014 Sacrifices I sacrificed one of my favorite tv shows this evening to update the trainer rides and Winter Bike League links. Be glad I love ya’ll so much. Now, check out the Trainer Section on the Rides Page. Scroll down past the weekly rides to the Winter 2014-2015 section.

11-5-2014 Germani Case Update The defendant in the attempted murder case of Greg Germani is asking for bond, meaning he would get out of jail before the trail. The prosecutor is arguing that he poses a flight risk because he has no ties to Atlanta, and his family lives in Detroit. Decaturish has new details in the case.

Greenville Cup Press Release: Start Smart Cycling is proud to present the 1st Annual Greenville CX Cup, November 8th at Westside Park!  Greenville CX Cup is a family-friendly event offering racing categories for every age group and ability.  Children may enter into the FREE short lap race or compete in the Juniors category. Adults may choose from multiple race categories and race for the win! Pre-Registration is open open before November 7th at 12:00am.  On-Site registration will open at 9:00am at Westide Park on November 8th. Want to learn more about cyclo-cross before your first race?  We searched Youtube and found a video that is a little older, but explains things spot on.  Check out this video made from a cyclo-cross event in the Northeast.
Follow @GreenvilleCXCup on Twitter for more updates!
Facebook:  Event > Greenville Cx-Cup

G-Force Training Series There is a new winter training series in Greenville, SC, the G-Force Training Series. The rides will leave from various locations. Rides will start at 37 miles and build to 60 miles. Register On-Line.

11-4-2014 2015 Races I’ve started the 2015 race calendar. It is VERY preliminary I’m putting up race schedules as I get them. So far, I have very few. Promoters: If you have your 2015 schedule, please email it to me. Thanks!

Georgia Cross This Sunday This Sunday Georgia Cross heads to Patriot’s Park in Columbia County for race #7. Promoter Ross Douglas is known for his Euro style courses. He’s promised us a great race! Also this weekend are two great races in SC that would make an awesome double race weekend-the Greenville Cup in Greenville and Gamecock Cross in Ridgeway.

SORBA Woodstock Social Ride SORBA Woodstock is hosting their monthly social ride this Saturday at Blanket’s Creek at 10:00. All levels are welcome! There will be several levels of rides with a leader. Bring your favorite beverages for after the ride to hang out and play games.

11-3-2014 Silver Comet Super Side Trail Work Party From SORBA-West Georgia Work party for the SCSST on Nov. 15 from 9 am til 1 pm. Meet at the Hiram trailhead off the Silver Comet mile 14.5. From there the trail crew will head out to do some general maintenance and a reroute. Water, lunch, and snacks will be provided. Bring gloves and a bike unless you want to walk to the work areas, less than a mile. There will also be a collection for the local animal shelter. Needs include canned or dry food and blanket or towels for the furballs.

11-2-2014 Underwear Ride Say What?!? The Reality Bikes Ridley Masters Team is hosting the annual Underwear Ride in Cumming, GA on Dec. 14. Bring a package of new, unopened underwear (girls size 12-16 or Adult S-L for the boys) or socks for the MV Program in Forsyth County Schools. The ride starts at 9:00 am at Dutch Monkey Donuts. There are options of 25 and 50 miles.

11-1-2014 Cobb County Trail Funding More funding has been granted for trails in Cobb County. The northern section of the Bob Callan Trail will be completed in 2017. Recently the Noonday Creek Trail opened in North Cobb. It goes from Bells Ferry Rd. to Kennesaw Mountain.

10-31-2014 Big Creek Trail Closure Big Creek in Roswell, GA will be closed to mountain bikers on Sat., Nov. 1 for the Xterra Battle at Big Creek. Money raised goes back to RAMBO for trail upkeep!

Allatoona Closure A reminder that all trails at Allatoona Creek Park in Cobb County are closed for hunting Nov. 1-Jan. 1! Closed is really closed 24 hours/day–no mountain biking, running, etc. The hunters were there long before everyone else, and it’s what happens.

10-30-2014 Atlanta Airport Ride News From the Airport Ride: Attention Atlanta Airport Peloton, Thanks to Charles Seward for bringing to our attention the partial closure of Buffington Road in Union City. I rode the course on Sunday and can confirm we will have to alter the route. There is a slight climb on Buffington up to the intersection with Flat Shoals Road. (There is a church on the right at the intersection). At the light we will make a left turn onto Flat Shoals and stay on this road briefly before making the first right turn onto Connell Road. This road contains several speed humps and stop signs on a slight downhill through a residential area. This entire detour is a neutral area. There are no attacks, no jockeying for position, etc. Connell eventually intersects with Bethesda onto which we will turn right. We will then take Bethesda to where it dead ends into Jonesboro Rd 138 and take a right. This is a busy road so make this turn with caution. From there we stay on Jonesboro until it intersects with Buffington (where the Dodge Jeep dealership will be on the left) and a left turn onto Buffington puts us back on course. This detour is the best of some not-so-great options but thanks in advance for keeping this portion of the ride neutral. Please spread the word to any riders not yet on the interwebs or The Facebook.

10-29-2014 Southeastern Cycling on Social Media! Southeastern Cycling has a very active page on Facebook with breaking news, ride info, and more. You can also follow us on Twitter at @Sadlebred.

10-28-2014 NCGA Winter Ride.Thursdays, 6:00 pm. The ride leaves from Mission Source in Alpharetta. It ends around 7:30. It is a 3 mile loop. Riders can join in any time and do as many loops as they’d like. Front and rear lights are required. The average speed for the main group will be about 18.5 mph.

10-27-2014 Grant Park CX Sunday was the Georgia State Cyclocross Championships. L5 Flyers and Litespeed-BMW put on a spectacular race! The Green Monster, White Wine handups, Fireballs, We can’t wait for 2015! Photos are being uploaded and should be finished by Tuesday morning. Over 800 take forever to get up. I have photos from every race! As always, they at

Dan McCarthy (Smyrna Bicycles) looked rather good as Wonder Woman at the Grant Park CX Race.

The Waine Twins Leon and Troy (Junior Flyers) are tearing up the Juniors 10-14 this year. Grant Park CX.

10-25-2014 Women’s Only Mountain Bike Clinic From Sorella Cycling: Basic Mountain Biking Skills Clinic *WOMEN ONLY*
INSTRUCTORS: Alexandra Martinez (Ali) and Stefanie Gore (Stef)
WHEN: Saturday, November 8, 2014 9:00 AM
Where: Blankets Creek MTB Trails
Who for: This clinic is for beginner women mountain bikers as well as those who are interested in refreshing some of their basic skills such as position on the bike and cornering. Description: Take advantage of the years of experience that Ali and Stef have to offer. Both are Cat 1 mountain bike racers and love teaching others how to ride better. At this clinic you will learn the basic skills needed to have a successful mountain bike ride. All aspects of riding will be covered. You will also learn basic bike maintenance and how to effectively handle trailside emergencies. The instructors will go over your body position on the bike, how to ride your bike smoothly through corners, and learn skills to feel confident riding over obstacles on your mountain bike. At the end of the clinic Ali and Stef will take you on a fun ride on the 4.5 mile Dwelling loop after learning new mountain bike skills. RSVP to sorellacycling at