November 2021 News

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you get to eat a lot and ride a lot!

11-27-2021 Woodland Brook Paving Woodland Brook in Vinings (Cobb Count, GA) is a popular road for cyclists. It’s being paid 9-4 daily with one lane closed. Reports are that the portions of the road that are torn up are bad and significant.

11-25-2021 Pumpkinvine Trails are Open From SORBA West Georgia. Pumpkinvile Trails are Open! The intermediate loop is 4.3 miles with another .8 mile loop. Opened to the public on November 21, 2021, the Pumpkinvine Creek Nature Center offers five miles of multi-use natural surface trail for public hiking and mountain biking. Trail direction changes daily. Mountain bikes: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Clockwise. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – Counterclockwise. Hikers travel in the opposite direction. The land is a triangular parcel that was donated to the Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land by the Boyce family. It has a creek front on two sides and a high-crowned hilltop in the middle. This configuration has created 5 unique areas: swamp, wetland, high grassy field, mixed hardwood forest, and emergent pine forest. Once platted for 200 homes, it is now permanently protected from any type of development. 293 Settlement Road,Dallas, GA 30132 Please do not use the restroom or change on the side of the road or within view of any surrounding home (The police have already been called and are not tolerant of this). Restrooms/Port-a-johns will be delivered soon. Please be respectful of the local home owners as well as watch your speed on the entrance roads. We need to keep in good graces with them. Practice Leave-No-Trace (Let’s keep this park clean for all.) There may be some additional trail finishing that needs to happen but the trails are rideable and do still need to be ridden in, so come on out.

11-19-2021 Greenville WBL Adds B Group From the Greenville (SC) WBL: Hi all you cool cats and kittens! As promised, we are excited to announce the addition of a B-group ride to GVL WBL 2.0! But how do you know which group to join? Well we’ve included some descriptions below to help you out. Give it a read and when you’re done, comment which group you’ll be joining!

A-group: This is our race-pace ride – the same great ride from last year. Average pace will be 18-20 mph which means steady on the flats (sometimes 20+ mph), calm on the hills, and pedal hard on the downhills. A-group rides will be anywhere from 60-80 miles and will feature sprint zones starting in January. Plus, there will be weekly KOM/QOM challenges on specific segments. If you like a little spice and friendly competition, this is the ride for you!
B-Group: This group offers a ride for those looking for steady base miles with friends. The B-group offers an average pace of 15-16 mph and routes range from 40-50 miles. B-groups will not participate in sprint zones or ride points which makes it perfect for enjoying beautiful scenery and good company. If you like a non-competitive riding style or want to build-up fitness, this is the ride for you!
It’s important to note that both groups are NOT considered beginner level rides – experience riding in groups is required!
For both rides please remember… both groups are drop rides, please choose the group that is best for YOU. While we want to keep the groups together, it is difficult to wait for all riders who start and still get everyone home at a decent time. Please come ready to take care of yourself – plenty of food, water, flat repair, charged cell phones, route downloaded, etc. We have volunteers to serve as pacers and ride leaders for both groups. Please follow the guidance of these individuals as they work to keep the group safe and fun for all! More updates to come!

11-17-2021 Psycho-Cross Photos I finally put my photos from Psycho-Cross up at

11-16-2021 Cochran Mill Parking Passes You can now purchase parking passed for the trails at Cochran Mill Park and Dirty Sheets if you start there. Click here to get started. Click on Annual Parking Pass then Annual Parking Decal – Non-Residents. Follow the prompts. You can also stop by Chatt Hills city hall during normal business hours. Go through the main entrance and talk to the police dept. immediately to the left when you enter.

Pumpkin Vine Trail Day From SORBA West Georgia Saturday, Nov. 20, 9-11 am, Monthly Workday – Pumpkin Vine Kiosk Construction and Blower Day, 293 Settlement Rd, Dallas, GA 30132-2880, Help us get this new trail ready for the public. We’ll be blowing leaves off the new trail surface and building a trailhead kiosk.

11-15-2021 Sope Creek Trail Day From MTB Atlanta, Saturday, Nov. 20 9 am-noon Join us and the Chattahoochee River national Recreation Area for our monthly volunteer trail day at Sope Creek. We will be doing trail maintenance with a big crew of folks so come join the fun. Meet at the Columns Drive parking lot at 8:45. Have a mask, gloves, wear long pants and closed toed shoes and bring a pack, water, snacks, bug spray and your epi pen if you are allergic to bees. MTB Atlanta is resuming monthly work parties at Sope Creek and is using Federal regulations and CDC guidelines to conduct these events. We will adhere to the Federal mask requirement at the Park and will engage in social distancing at these events. Tools and stoke provided!

Sykes Park Trails Clean Up Day From MTB Atlanta Sykes Park Trails – Clean up day Saturday, Nov. 20 9 am-noonvWe’re partnering with East Point Parks and Rec. to do a Fall clean-up at Sykes Park and trails Saturday, November, 20 from 9-noon. Come on out and give us a hand if you can. Sykes Park Trails- 3224 Dodson Drive Connector.

11-12-2021 WBL December Schedule From the WBL: December Calendar Set (*subject to tweaking due to despicable conditions):
4 December 2021: (# 1) The HUB Home Opener (4 hours) (
11 December 2021: (# 2) The Team Type 1 Maysville Classic (80 miles/4 hours) (
18 December 2021: (# 3) The Gruber Images Covered Bride Classic (80 miles/4 hours} (
26 December 2021: (# 4) SUNDAY: The Law Office of David Crowe Sunday Saint Nick Semi-Classic) (40 miles/2 hours) (

11-10-2021 Bear-hoti Work Party From NGMBA: Bear Creek and the Pinhoti’s are in need of attention. The NGMBA will be focusing their attention on these trails for the next few months as they are in need of some attention. We will be cleaning drains (water mitigation features) and trimming corridors.  We will be meeting at 9:00 am on Saturday, November 20th and will start work at 9:30 am. Please meet the NGMBA board at 90-B. To get there from downtown Ellijay, take HWY 52 west about 10 miles. Turn right on Gates Chapel Road, go past Bear Creek Camp Ground FS Road 241. Continue straight onto Wilderness Road. Wilderness Rd. turns into FS Rd. 90. Turn left onto FS Rd. 90B. FS Rd. 90B dead ends into the parking area. Please wear appropriate clothing for the expected weather, which includes work gloves, long pants, boots (preferred but not required) or sturdy shoes. ABSOLUTELY NO OPEN-TOED SHOES!!! Volunteers are also encouraged to wear a hat. sunscreen, insect repellant, and carry any personal medical supplies (ie. epi pen, diabetic supplies and inhalers). Volunteers must wear helmets when performing work on U.S. Forest National Forests. Bike helmets are acceptable or helmets can be provided. Volunteers need to bring food/snacks and water appropriate for the duration of the work. (2-3 hours). RSVP here.

11-9-2021 Winter 2021 Group Rides I have updated the Rides Page with information that I have on weekday evening group rides–scroll towards the bottom of the page. Check the rest of the page as well since many daylight rides go year round now!

Dirty Sheets Group Ride From MTB Atlanta We’re kicking off the 6th season of the Dirty Sheets Gravel Tuesday Night Ride at 6:30 starting at New Hope Methodist Church. Starting November 9th, join us on Tuesday nights during Daylight Savings Time to do a group ride at night on the Dirty Sheets. It’s our 6th Season running and we ride the classic Dirty Sheets route from New Hope Church. Be ready to ride at 6:30 PM and expect a 10-12 mph average over 20ish miles. You are required to have a handle bar light, a helmet light and a rear light. Wear appropriate clothing, be self sufficient and be able to handle a flat or a mechanical in the dark and be able to navigate back to your car on your own. Parking is at New Hope United Methodists church at 7875 Atlanta Newnan Rd, Palmetto, GA 30268 on the loop. You must sign a waiver to be on the ride. This ride has a great following and is an excellent way to stay in shape and enjoy some winter riding. Hope to see you there!

11-3-2021 WBL News!! From the Winter Bike League HERE COMES THE WBL: The season fast approaches and we will be taking steps to ensure the safety of everyone this winter. Only vaccinated people may ride and we encourage wearing a mask in the parking lot when signing in and before departing and removing once we start. START YOUR ENGINES.
WBL Ride # 1: THE HUB HOME OPENER: GOOD HOPE, When: Saturday, 4 December, ,Where: The Hub (5 Points / Athens),
Time: 10 a.m. (window open), Length: 80 miles / 4 hours , Points 4: 1 per hour (must sign in), Exit Route: South Milldege,Store Stop: Good Hope (Mile 44), GPS MAP:, Sprints: None, Parking: Ride your bike down if you live locally, park on a side street nearby if you drive. The front 12 spots are available at the fire station across the street. You may drop off riders in the HUB parking lot but please do not leave your car during the ride.
2021-22 Calendar
(*subject to tweaking due to despicable conditions):
December 2021: (# 1) The HUB Home Opener (4 hours) (
11 December 2021: (# 2) 4 hours (Tba)
18 December 2021: (# 3) 4 hours (Tba)
26 December 2021: (# 4) SUNDAY: 2 hours (Tba)
1 January 2022: (# 5): 3 hours / Non Pro Final Sprint (tba)
2 January 2022: (# 6): SUNDAY: 3 hours / Ladies Final Sprint (tba)Date: November 1, 2021

Georgia Bicycle Racing Association Annual Meeting From GBRA:
Notice: GBRA annual meeting
When: Wednesday December 1, 2021
Where: Zoom call. Information will be published a week in advance
Who: All current USA Cycling license holders (racers,officials,coaches,race directors)
The 2021 board consists of:
Member Clubs Representative: Greg Lathum
Race Director Representative: Tim Molyneaux
Officials and Coaches Representative: John Patterson
Rider Representative: John Wilkes
Velodrome Representative: Mike Barman
At-Large Representative:Scott Patton
President: Greg Lathum
Vice President: John Patterson
Secretary: Mike Barman
For 2022 the board will be making a change as Gary Morgan the East Point Velodrome association president will be replacing Mike Baman as the Velodrome representative to the board. This position is filled by the president of the EPVA through the by-laws of GBRA. All of the 2021 board members are willing to maintain their position for 2022. Along with Mike Barman moving to an At-Large position which is also allowed through the bylaws of GBRA with a unanimous vote from the 2021 board. Everyone is welcome to attend the annual meeting and bring any concerns they have about GBRA or the election. Everyone has a vote for a license they hold. Also each club has a vote for their club representative.
The meeting notes and by-laws are always viewable on GBRA’s website:
Any issues or concerns can also be directed to Greg Lathum:

11-1-2021 Women’s Only Gravel Clinic Next Weekend! From Sorella Hey, Hey Ladies!! Come and join us next Sunday at Dirty Sheets with Lauren De Crescenzo, gravel winner of everything 2021, for an inclusive skills clinic. We will ride a selection of the Dirty Sheets route and work on all the skills and have a great time with a ton of great ladies! Please DO register at You do not need to be a member but we do need a head count. Feel free to reach out with any questions or email See you then! *Sunday November 7th at 10am Cochran Mill Park*


It’s that time of year….with the end of Daylight Savings Time this coming Sunday morning, time to make note of the changes to the ride schedule: Tuesdays will be a bit less nasty as we bid adieu to NNL, which goes into hibernation after this week’s farewell edition. A winter PZA will roll at 6:00pm every Thursday during the winter. Laps at the mountain in the dark and cold? FUN!

TUK moves to a 9:30am start time next Saturday, November 13th.

As noted last week, the infamous Airport Ride begins its winter residency this Sunday, November 7th at 10:00am and will be the Sunday ride for the remainder of fall and winter. Sunday Ride rotation resumes next April. Leaves from Peters St. in Castleberry Hills, Atlanta.

Happy Halloween!!!

10-31-2021 Bull Mountain/Jake Logging From NEGA SORBA “LOGGING BEGINS: November, 2021. The USFS notified Northeast Georgia SORBA that logging is expected to begin the week of November 1, 2021 at Jake & Bull Mtn. The areas to be logged are identified in the attached map as Section 1, 2 & 3 (Trish’s note: See Facebook Post). We are told the timber company will most likely start with Section 3. Section 3 is around the intersection of FS28B and 28F. 28F is on the back side of Black Branch trail. As a result, Black Branch will be closed during the logging. The logging operation is expected to take a month up to a year to complete. Jake Mtn Campground is in Section 1. Jake Mtn trail may be closed when logging is underway at the Jake Campground. The Jake closure is expected to be short, just a matter of a few days. Section 2 is along FS28B. No trail closure is expected when Section 2 is logged. Signs will be posted on site with instructions to trail visitors during logging. For the safety of everyone, please obey the area closures.”

10-30-2021 Psycho-Cross at the Dick Lane Velodrome Want the whole scoop on Psycho-Cross at the Dick Lane velodrome tomorrow? Head to the Georgia Cyclocross Series Facebook page for info. on number placement, parking, food at the race, etc. The GACX race times are just a bit different because collegiate races will be held early in the morning. Check the Flyer for times. As a reminder, the city of East Point city ordinance does not allow dogs/pets at the track. Please make it easy on everyone and leave them at home!

Trail Build Day – Chattahoohcee Bend From MTB Atlanta Chattahoochee Bend State Park Trail Day, Sat., Nov. 6 10 am-1 pm MTB Atlanta is building the new “Campground Loop” at the , a 2.5 mile beginner trail. This trail is Phase One of what will be 15-20 mile four loop system at the park. Come help us do finishing work on the new trail build. Have a mask, gloves, wear long pants and closed toed shoes and bring a pack, water, snacks, bug spray and your epi pen if you are allergic to bees. We will bring extra water, drinks and snacks. Tools and stoke provided!

10-27-2021 Milton Gravel Road Grading From the City of Milton’s Facebook page: It’s that time again … for the City of Milton to give a once-over to its gravel roads.This post features a picture taken Monday of a motor grader rolling down Lackey Road, home to the City’s soon-to-open new greenspace and trails. Over the coming weeks, heavy equipment like this will be out all around Milton’s 13 miles of gravel roads. Regular maintenance and grading is important to ensure that unpaved roads — of which Milton has several — are safe and can better stand the test of time. As such, it’s one of the responsibilities that Milton’s Public Works takes on to ensure that all viable roadways are accessible for our citizens.  This program is quarterly, occurring in January, April, July and October – hence what’s happening now – every year, using equipment rented explicitly for this purpose. The operator is a part-time City of Milton employee and Fulton County Public Works retiree with over 45 years experience grading North Fulton’s gravel roads. Trish’s Note: The post is not the best written, but head’s up on gravel for the next few weeks in Milton. Milton is just north of Alpharetta, GA.
More on Ian’s New Team Velonews has an interesting interview with Ian Garrison

Q&A: Why Ian Garrison is trading the WorldTour for L39ion of Los Angeles

10-23-2021 2022 Race Dates! 2022 Dates are trickling in. I’ve updated the mountain and gravel calendar. Don’t expect to see any road til late Feb.-March 2022. That’s normal. Promoter or anyone that see a 2022 race date, send me a DM, post here, or email me!

Where is Ian Garrison? Looks like he’s headed to L39ion!

Dawn Hill (L5 Flyers) is shadowed by Sophie Zents (Mission Devo p/b Tyler Perry Studios) in the Women’s 3/4. Sophie wold win the final sprint for 1st.

10-18-2021 More on the still developing USA Crits news….

More on USA Crits Tulsa Tough and the Boise Twilight Criterium have pulled their events from the USA Crits series.

17 Teams Respond to the Future of US Crit Racing From Velonews: A collection of 17 teams that raced in the 2021 USA CRITS have responded to the U.S. SafeSport suspension of USA CRITS managing director Scott Morris and subsequent fallout such as Morris’ dismissal from USA CRITS, and teams and races announcing that they would no longer take part in the series of U.S. criteriums going forward. The teams have stated their intent to move forward with a national criterium series, and have asked for patience from the various criterium race organizers who worked with USA CRITS this year. Read the full article.